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Birgit Kirke (b. 1962 - raised in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands).

Birgit Kirke is a visual artist and sculptor. She is educated in textiles and design at VIA Design and Business (formerly TEKO) in Herning. From 2007-10 in painting, graphics and drawing at Aarhus Art Academy and in 2015-16 at the Sculpture School in Skanderborg.

Birgit Kirke was raised in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands and today she lives in Denmark. That she has absorbed the islands' distinctive landscape with her mother's milk is clearly seen in her paintings, which are at the same time fresh and dramatic depictions of the Faroe Islands' harsh nature and changeable weather.

Birgit Kirke says about her art: "The inspiration for the works comes from my Faroese origin. Nature and life by the sea is a recurring theme in my works. The sea around the Faroe Islands has always been very much in my consciousness, it is many times larger than the land area and there are sea views everywhere. I try to portray the sensed, the mood, the moment as I remember it. It's the drama between the abstract and the recognizable that fascinates me." 

She is represented in several public collections in the Nordics, i.a. Reykjanes Art Museum in Iceland, Nuuk Art Museum in Greenland, Grindavikurbær in Iceland, Struer Municipality and Tórshavns Municipality in the Faroe Islands. Over the years, Birgit Kirke has participated in numerous exhibitions in cultural centres, art museums, at art fairs and galleries in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria and Spain.

Birgit Kirke is a member of BKF, the Association of Visual Artists and MYND, which is the association for Faroese Visual Artists.