Henrik Scheel Andersen Foto af kunstneren


Henrik Scheel Andersen (b. 1962) is a graduate from Silkeborg Art School. He is a teacher, Exam. Ped. Psych. and Cand. Ped. in visual art.

Henrik is often inspired by the landscape by the Limfjord and in Salling. His landscapes do not include many people. But there are always signs that show that humans have left their mark on nature. A recurring theme is that nature in our context is a cultural landscape. Fields form patterns, the forest is opened with the chainsaw so that the light can come through and the grass of the beach meadow sprouts when cattle graze it.

Henrik Scheel Andersen often work with the author Knud Sørensen to depict the landscape around the Limfjord. They published the book "Horizons" in 2019 and they are currently represented in a special exhibition at Skive Museum. Henrik is represented in a number of public and private collections.