Poul Jepsen


Poul Jepsen (b. 1954)

Visual artist and sculptor

Poul Jepsen graduated from Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts 1976 - 79 in the sculpture department v. Henning Wienberg.

Poul Jepsen himself says about creating and working with art:

"I work with sculpture etc. based on 2 different approaches. 

1. The idea of showing something specific, an emotion, a form, a figure, a thought or a story. First sketch then model and develop with the goals in mind. Established process! Often based on the body or parts of it. Often semi-naturalistic.

2. Fascination of a shape, a thing or a material. Play, and then the thought: what if the... form was repeated, was turned upside down, was set along with something else, got a different colour, was made in another material... etc. in a research laboratory. At some points it turns out - maybe an overall thought: well it can be used to tell that... Often it ends up being about comments on politics or societal issues. For example illogic, inequality or utopia. 

The road is the goal. The work process is the best / biggest".     

Poul works with bronze, clay, plaster, concrete, wood, ready mades etc. Poul Jepsen has participated in several censored exhibitions. He exhibits alone or in groups at art galleries and art associations and he has sold to municipalities and counties as well as to private collectors.

Poul Jepsen is a member of BKF, DBS and OK18.