Helle Bang 900


Helle Bang (b. 1947):

is an educated visual artist and sculptor from Aarhus Academy of fine Arts.

Helle works with painting and sculpture. Helle is an expressive as well as an abstract painter, for whom color is a decisive factor in any image. She is inspired by nature's special color poetry, which she captures and reproduces with great coloristic sense. Helle has exhibited and is represented at art museums and in private collections in Denmark and abroad. In 2014, her bronze sculpture "The Swan" was given to Prince Henrik's 80th birthday.





Helle Bang is currently working with "Wild Fauna" and she says about this:

"Wild Fauna:

Nature must be real nature. - Nature must have all the conditions to preserve and develop.

I am very happy that the fauna today is returning - after many years of taming and fighting it.

Now we experience the fauna being allowed to show itself from the most beautiful side - just as I remember when I was a child and walked alone in the middle of flowering ditch edges or cornfields.

All that I have just worked to reproduce in these paintings - which I call Wild Fauna reborn".

Helle Bang is a member of the Association of Visual Artists and the Society of Female Artists.